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Gold Glitter Snowflakes

21 Dec

It’s nearly Christmas and I’m running out of time to create my festive nails. This week I decided upon gold and dark blue with glitter and snowflakes especially for our work (Yard Digital) Christmas dinner. My inspiration, as always, came from Pinterest.

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Snowman and Candy Cane

17 Dec

Festive red and white nails this week. They are pretty subtle but effective. To do the snowflake I used a paintbrush as I had done previously. For the candy cane nail I painted the nail white the when it had dried I stuck on strips of nail tape then painted red over the top and when it was nearly dry I peeled off the tape. The snowman nail was created using a black nail art pen and the nose with a paintbrush.

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Fair Isle Snowflake Nails

12 Dec

The nails were pretty simple to create with an icy colour as the base and snowflakes and a fair Isle pattern added on top with white nail varnish and a fine paint brush. I also added a subtle BarryM pale pink  glitter nail too.

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All I Want For Christmas Is Festive Nail Art

6 Dec

It’s December, I have my Christmas jumper on and now I have my Christmas nails done. Using fine paint brushes, dotting tools and nail art pens and an array of Rimmel and BarryM nail polishes, my nails were my festive oyster! On my left hand I designed a Christmas tree, candy cane, snowman, snowflake and star…


On my right hand I added a snowflake, snowman, falling snow, small xmas tree and more snow…

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Target Nails

4 Dec

I was going to embrace Christmas with my nails this week but I’m having a Christmas jumper party at my flat this weekend so I will do my festive nails on Friday. In the mean time I bought a new BarryM magnetic nail polish, Venus Sunrise with a circle effect. As BarryM have an offer on at the minute, I also got a free Christmas foil effect polish for free so i used this on one nail.

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