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January Nail Art

21 Jan

Last week was a whirlwind of nail art. I was in my element painting everyone’s nails, including Emma’s special birthday cupcake nails.

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Cupcake Nails

16 Jan

This week it’s my friend Emma’s birthday, so of course I said I would do her nails for her. As she owns her own cake company, Mrs C’s Cakes, there was only one obvious design… cupcakes! I’d never attempted this design before so I was really excited.

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Happy Birthday Nail Art

29 Dec

I had so much fun creating all of my festive nails over the past month, but now Christmas day is over and it is my birthday tomorrow so it’s time for something different. As you probably know, pink is my favourite colour, closely followed by turquoise, so these were the obvious choices for this weeks nails.

I painted two nails using Rimmel PRO ‘Peppermint’ and the other nails using Rimmel PRO ‘Pink of me’. On one pink nail I then added a couple coats of BarryM glitter. On the other nails I used my pink nail art pen to draw hearts and spots.

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