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Ladybird/Ladybug Nails

25 Feb

Spring is in sight, the sun has been shining and so the ladybirds are out. My inspiration for this design, as usual, came from Pinterest. It is a very simple design that is easy to create but looks really cute.

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Organised Nail Art

19 Feb

I am SO excited to finally have a proper storage case for all of my nail polishes, nail art tools and accessories. I bought it from Amazon and it was a bargain at only £20.99 (+£4.99pp). Now all of my nail polishes have a home and it much easier to open it for inspiration and see what nail polishes I have (so I don’t keep buying duplicates). I am also always keen to paint other people’s nails, so if you’d like your nails done then just send me a tweet, Facebook message or comment below 🙂 x

Nail Art Storage Case

Aztec Nails

24 Jan

I have recently been seeing lots of Aztec inspiration on Pinterest so I had to give it a go for myself. Last December I did design some subtle Aztec/fairisle and snowflake nail art, but this time I wanted to go all out with colour:

Aztec Nails

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Gold Glitter Snowflakes

21 Dec

It’s nearly Christmas and I’m running out of time to create my festive nails. This week I decided upon gold and dark blue with glitter and snowflakes especially for our work (Yard Digital) Christmas dinner. My inspiration, as always, came from Pinterest.

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Autumn Toadstool Nails

8 Nov

Simple and easy to do, these are my toadstool nails. I painted on two coats of the BarryM Pomegranate Gelly paint and added white dots using Rimmel nail polish and a dotting tool.

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Happy Zombie Halloween

29 Oct

This Halloween, after much brainstorming, I decided to dress up as a Zombie My Little Pony. In order to reflect this on my nails, I did cute My Little Pony designs on my thumbs, and dripping blood on the rest.

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Duck Feet Nails, Really?

19 Jul

I do love to experiment with my nails, but there is a line I will draw, and I think this is it. This is not attractive in the slightest. What do you think, love or hate?