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Stripy Barcode Nail Art

12 Jun

This week I decided to use my nail art tape again to create navy nails with pink vertical lines.

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Organised Nail Art

19 Feb

I am SO excited to finally have a proper storage case for all of my nail polishes, nail art tools and accessories. I bought it from Amazon and it was a bargain at only £20.99 (+£4.99pp). Now all of my nail polishes have a home and it much easier to open it for inspiration and see what nail polishes I have (so I don’t keep buying duplicates). I am also always keen to paint other people’s nails, so if you’d like your nails done then just send me a tweet, Facebook message or comment below 🙂 x

Nail Art Storage Case

Snowman and Candy Cane

17 Dec

Festive red and white nails this week. They are pretty subtle but effective. To do the snowflake I used a paintbrush as I had done previously. For the candy cane nail I painted the nail white the when it had dried I stuck on strips of nail tape then painted red over the top and when it was nearly dry I peeled off the tape. The snowman nail was created using a black nail art pen and the nose with a paintbrush.

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Firework Nails

23 Oct

I was trying out some BarryM Glitter gradient nails, but I wasn’t happy with the end result so I modified them from this…

To this…

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The Thin Gold Line

29 Aug

More line art, this time Rimmel PRO Pink and BarryM gold. Of course, I had to go for the contrasting reverse colour nail 🙂

Line Art

15 Jul

This week, my inspiration again originated from Pinterest. I wanted to experiment with lines so I bought these rolls of nail art tape from ebay.

As the tape is s fine, it is pretty fiddly to use. My advice is to always twist the end after you cut a bit off so it’s easy to find when you go to cut some more. Yesterday I painted my nails using Rimmel PRO Peppermint to ensure they were completely dry today. I cut a few short pieces of tape and away i went:

I painted over the top/up to the tape with my favourite Rimmel PRO Show Off. I also added some dots to one of my nails using my nail art pen.

The finished result: