About Me

I have always been a girly girl, wearing pretty pink dresses and a bow in my hair. Pink is still my favourite colour and it makes me happy every week when I paint my nails. Unfortunately, all of that makes me sound like a tragic barbie doll, which i’m not… honestly. I’m also a bit of a geek and my main blog, The Social Stamp, is devoted to social media.

Nail art is super fashionable at the minute, but i’ve always loved it. No one was pinning pics of my multi coloured nails when i was ten years old. So for me this is not a fad. My nails (ashamedly) have not seen light in about 10 years, as soon as my nail polish is stripped off, my nails are buffed and more is applied. I would feel naked without it. I hope you enjoy my weekly nail art experiments! 🙂 xx


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