Stripy Barcode Nail Art

12 Jun

This week I decided to use my nail art tape again to create navy nails with pink vertical lines.

Stripy Nail Art

Of course I couldn’t have all my nails the same so I added on a pink glitter nail.

Stripy Nail Art

Close up of my thumb nails…

Stripy Nail Art

It is a little fiddly but to create this design I painted all of my nails using BarryM Gelly nail paint. Once dried I cut small strips of nail tape and carefully stuck them over my nails. It is important to make sure there is an overlap so it is easy to take the tape off after.

Stripy Nail Art

I stuck the tap at uneven distances apart to make the design more interesting.

Stripy Nail Art

Once of the tape was pressed down onto my nails, I covered the tape nails with a Rimmel navy colour. When the nail polish had almost dried then I removed the tape.

Stripy Nail Art

Once all the nail polish had dried then I covered it with a top coat to smooth it out.

Stripy Nail Art

The nail art tape I used was just from Amazon.

Stripy Nail Art

All of the nail polishes I used…

Stripy Nail Art

What would I do differently next time?

If I did these nails again then I would definitely added more strips of tape to emphasize the design.


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