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Love Heart Nail Art

17 Apr

This week’s nails are simple and very easy. I painted all of my nails with a quick drying pale pink colour then on top of this I used the bright pink nail art pen to draw on a range of hearts.

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Piglet Nail Art

12 Apr

Yesterday was an exciting day, it was the launch of the new BarryM nail art pens. They are currently available in four colours; pink, silver, white and black, all £4.99 each. So yesterday I bought the pink one and decided to test it out with pigs on my nails.

Piglet Nail Art

As I was a little short on time, I just used the nail art pen to draw lines on my other nails, and a curly pig tail on my little finger.

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Panda Nail Art

8 Apr

This weekend I decided to paint more animals on my nails, after my Easter bunny nails last week. So I thought pandas would be pretty simple. All I did was paint a white semi-circle over the dry base colour, the black dots for the ears, eyes and nose.

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