Leather and Skulls

6 Mar

My lovely friend (Angie) recently lent me her Nails inc. leather polish and skull gems. I had been dying to have a play about with these for ages and so last night I finally did…

Nails inc. Leather and Skulls

I think the leather effect shows up better on the black polish than the beige one. Although it is nice and thick and covers the nail well, I still applied to coats just so there weren’t any sparse areas.

However, I am so used to wearing colourful nail polishes, this all seemed a bit dull for me.  On one of my beige nails I applied a couple of coats of BarryM Ruby jewel glitter polish.

Nails inc.

On my thumb nails I stuck the skull gems using nail glue. They look cool but are extremely unpractical as they are so raised and catch on everything. I have had to re-stick them a couple of times already.

Nails inc. skull

The nail polishes I used:

Nails inc.


My verdict

If I’m honest, I can’t really see much of a difference between nails inc leather effect and BarryM’s textured nail polishes, apart from the huge price difference and range of colours. These nail polishes were fun to try out but I’m glad I didn’t spend the money on them myself. At least now I can tick them off my wishlist!


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