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Glitter and Stars

28 Feb

This week has been super busy for me and so I didn’t have the time to design something spectacular on my nails, so I cheated a bit and used star nail stickers…

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Ladybird/Ladybug Nails

25 Feb

Spring is in sight, the sun has been shining and so the ladybirds are out. My inspiration for this design, as usual, came from Pinterest. It is a very simple design that is easy to create but looks really cute.

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Textured BarryM Nails

19 Feb

Last month I saw BarryM were going to be launching their new textured nail polish on February 13th and I could not contain my excitement. It appeared to be a more affordable alternative to OPI liquid sand which I have wanted to try for quite a while but couldn’t justify the price.

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Organised Nail Art

19 Feb

I am SO excited to finally have a proper storage case for all of my nail polishes, nail art tools and accessories. I bought it from Amazon and it was a bargain at only £20.99 (+£4.99pp). Now all of my nail polishes have a home and it much easier to open it for inspiration and see what nail polishes I have (so I don’t keep buying duplicates). I am also always keen to paint other people’s nails, so if you’d like your nails done then just send me a tweet, Facebook message or comment below 🙂 x

Nail Art Storage Case

Leopard Print Nail Art

12 Feb

This week I went wild with leopard print nail art. It is a design I had seen around on Pinterest and been meaning to try out for a while. As Tag a Trend‘s trend this week was leopard print, I thought this would be the perfect time to give it a go…

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Polka Dot Nail Art

7 Feb

This week’s nail art is pretty quick and easy. I started with Rimmel Pro Lycra Nail Varnish Peppermint as the base and BarryM Silver for my signature nail. On top of the peppermint nails I added black dots using my nail art pen. Starting at the cuticle with larger dots clustered together and fading out to the end of my nail with smaller dots.

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Bird of Paradise Nails

4 Feb

Last week I was full of the flu so as I was recovering I painted my nails, but I just wanted to do something simple. I Started with a base of BarryM Gelly Hi-Shine polish and once this had dried a drew on three pink lines starting in the corner at my cuticle a flicking up about two thirds of the way up my nail. Once dried, I added purple lines between the pink lines.

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