Happy Zombie Halloween

29 Oct

This Halloween, after much brainstorming, I decided to dress up as a Zombie My Little Pony. In order to reflect this on my nails, I did cute My Little Pony designs on my thumbs, and dripping blood on the rest.

How I did it…

I painted all of my nails with three coats of white Rimmel polish. To create my glitter, stars and hearts thumb, when the last coat of whit was still went a sprinkled on these sequins that I bought from Primark:

Primark, £1.50

To do my other thumb, the rainbow, I cheated. I thought I would try using Sharpie permanent markers to draw on my design. This worked well, until I painted on the glitter topcoat and this smudged a bit.

For the rest of my nails I used Red Rimmel polish and a dotting tool. This meant that I could easily created the rounded drops of blood and then just fill in the gaps with the brush.

I had great fun with these nails and learnt a lot about what works and what doesn’t. I have also found lots of other Halloween inspired designs on Pinterest.


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