Archive | October, 2012

Happy Zombie Halloween

29 Oct

This Halloween, after much brainstorming, I decided to dress up as a Zombie My Little Pony. In order to reflect this on my nails, I did cute My Little Pony designs on my thumbs, and dripping blood on the rest.

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Firework Nails

23 Oct

I was trying out some BarryM Glitter gradient nails, but I wasn’t happy with the end result so I modified them from this…

To this…

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Friendly Flowers

17 Oct

A couple of weeks ago I painted my friend Sara’s nails with this cute floral design using BarryM Pomegranate Gelly Hi-Shine as a base and nail art pens to dot on flowers.

Dots and Spots

16 Oct

Spotty nails using BarryM Gelly nail polish and my pink nail art pen. Simple and quick to do, but effective!

Pink Gelly

4 Oct

I have been so excited for BarryM’s new Gelly Nail Effects. I kept revisiting the big Superdrug on Princes Street in Edinburgh, but they never had it in stock… until Saturday!! Finally, but due to the popularity they only had a few colours, so I bought ‘Pomegranate’. It really did only need one coat and left a super shiny, glossy finish. Beautiful and hassle free. But of course, I couldn’t leave it like that so I added some big and little hearts using my nail art pen and finished with a glitter top coat.

Since then, I’ve been back to Superdrug and found a bright pink colour, ‘Grapefruit’ and a soft lilac, ‘Prickly Pear’. I love these new polishes, they are so versitle and leave such a gorgeous finish. Thanks again BarryM!!