Archive | September, 2012

Aqua Glitter

25 Sep

During the dark and dismal Autumn days, I thought I’d brighten things up with a bit of a sparkle courtesy ofย BarryM Aqua glitter and BarryM Magenta Glitter. I first applied pink and turquoise RimmelPRO base coats and finished them off with two coats of the BarryM glitter polishes.


Along The Dotted Line

10 Sep

My favourite colour combination is pink and grey. I used Rimmel Grey Matter as the base for most of my nail, BarryM Silver for the signature nails, and my pink nail art pen for the dots and heart.

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BEEautiful Floral Nails

4 Sep

These latest nails have to be one of my finest creations to date. I recently invested on some new nail art equipment; a yellow nail pen (I already had the pink pen) and some fine tipped brushes.

For this bee and flower design, I used two Rimmel PRO colours as my base coats as they are fast drying and give a nice even coverage. I started by drawing the flowers on the green nails, dotting the yellow pen for the centre and the pink pen for the petals.

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Easy Nail Art

3 Sep

I just needed to use up some nail art stickers, they are so easy to use and I just bought them from ebay. These ones aren’t my favourite, but they’re still pretty effective! ๐Ÿ™‚