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Let’s Get Nude

28 Jul

Sometimes it’s appropriate to be subtle, and this is how I felt this week. So I opted for Rimmel PRO Beige polish as a base coat, with a little pink heart drawn on my ring finger nail (I couldn’t be totally plain) and a Rimmel Glitter topcoat. Subtle yet pretty. Whoever said beige is boring? 🙂


Duck Feet Nails, Really?

19 Jul

I do love to experiment with my nails, but there is a line I will draw, and I think this is it. This is not attractive in the slightest. What do you think, love or hate?

Line Art

15 Jul

This week, my inspiration again originated from Pinterest. I wanted to experiment with lines so I bought these rolls of nail art tape from ebay.

As the tape is s fine, it is pretty fiddly to use. My advice is to always twist the end after you cut a bit off so it’s easy to find when you go to cut some more. Yesterday I painted my nails using Rimmel PRO Peppermint to ensure they were completely dry today. I cut a few short pieces of tape and away i went:

I painted over the top/up to the tape with my favourite Rimmel PRO Show Off. I also added some dots to one of my nails using my nail art pen.

The finished result:

This Little Piggy Went To Market

12 Jul

This week my nails have been all shades of pink, inspired by a design I found on Pinterest.

This was a fairly Rimmel dominated design. I love the Rimmel PRO range because the brush is so wide. They also dry pretty quickly and have a lovely glossy finish.

I felt that the fade design wasn’t quite enough, so I added two little hearts, black and pink, using my nail art pens.

I Love You, BarryM

2 Jul

My latest love from Mr BarryM; Magenta Glitter. Give me something pink and sparkly and i’m anyone’s!


It took four coats to get this effect and I put on a pink base coat first to help the glitter show up.

Nail Art Pens

2 Jul

As I got more and more into my nail art, I decided to try out some pens:


The black pen allowed me to easily create this spotty design:


I found the pink pen to be easier to work with as it has a tip like a felt tip pen. However, the nail varnish inside the pen has a tendency to crack a bit as it dries, but I quite liked this effect for my heart design:


Rimmel Show Off

2 Jul

This is my secret sauce; the reason for my passionate love for nail polish. As a little black dress is a staple in any woman’s wardrobe, the hot pink nail polish is something my hands cannot live without.